White Raven Trading Company & Museum of the Strange is located in beautiful Tombstone, Arizona.

11am-6pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
10am-6pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Our shop offers a unique selection of ancient artifacts, historical relics, rocks, crystals, magickal supplies, jewelry, natural history items, fossils and about everything else that sparks people’s curiosity. We are a kid and family friendly establishment with a little something for everyone.

Museum Admission Is FREE! Our museum is located inside the store and showcases a lifelong passion for collecting the strange, unusual and odd. We often get asked, “Is it real?” and our answer is always the same, “Some of it is REALLY REAL, some of it is REALLY FAKE, but it’s all REAL GOOD.” We’ve scoured the four corners of the globe to bring together the artifacts and oddities for our displays.

Beware!  Our museum exhibits include real human skulls and shrunken heads. These and some other items may not be suitable for the squeamish!

Come on out and beat the heat while enjoying a little wacky, a little weird and a little wonderful here in the historic town of Tombstone, Arizona!